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Rodolfo Rubino



My name is Rodolfo Rubino and I am italian.

I have been teaching at Cosenza Conservatorio "Stanislao Giacomantonio" for several years. Many of my students teach and play piano recital, with passion and satisfaction, in Italy and abroad.

I have played in Italy, Portugal, Austria, Russia, Turkey and Swiss.

I like to elaborate my piano recital programs mixing traditional and contemporary pieces. I suggest to my students to do the same. Furthermore I have been playing with the pianist Tatiana Malguina for more than 20 years.

Rodolfo Rubino

When I play, I try to be sincere, relaxed. I try also to make the piano singing and I attempt to teach it to my student.

I firmly think that music without song does not exist and I think that the piano is the ideal musical instrument that can demonstrate it.

If you want, can visit my Youtube channel. But remember, that Youtube.com requires nonfree software (Javascript code) for normal use of the site.

✉ You are free to write me an: e-mail.

I'll glad to answer you!

Enjoy the music!

"The singer and the violinist are always studying music, even when they practice a succession of single notes. Not so with the pianist, however, for an isolated note on the piano, whether played by the most accomplished artist or the man in the street, means nothing, absolutely nothing."

(Harold Bauer)

"It is not important the study of the technique, but the technique of the study."

(Franz Liszt)